Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What types of vehicles can I request?
A: Sedan, Stretch Limo, SUV, Van

Q: Can I build a profile for future usage?
A: Yes. No charge for having an account/profile on

Q: What type of information do I need to provide for the reservation?
A: We need the passenger's name, a contact number, pick up address, destination, Way points, how many passengers Date and time.

Q: Do you do point to point transport or just airport pickups?
A: We do both

Q: After I do a Pick-Up will you confirm it?
A: Yes, we will confirm your pick-up via automatic e-mails. Also, in your account you will see confirmation that the provider accepted your pick-up request.

Q: Can I pay by credit card?
A: Yes. (via paypal)

Q: Will my credit card number be secure?
A: Yes. (paypal security is solid. Providers never have access to your financial information on paypal)

Q: When is my credit card charged?
A: When you process the payment right on your ticket (at least 3-4hrs before pickup time)

Q: How far in advance should I place my reservation?
A: Up to you. The sooner the better.

Q: When does our time in the limo start?
A: Your time starts when we pick you up and ends when we drop you off.

Q: Are there any hidden fees or charges?
A: No. (gratuities welcome). Quoted fares do not include tolls, parking fee (if applicable), gratuities, waiting time, parking at the airports (unless previously noted in the pick-up). Your chauffeur will pay the tolls (if any) and will charge them to you at the end of the ride.

Q: Can the driver meet me inside the airport at baggage claim?
A: Yes. Parking fees may be added in some cases. Request inside airport 'meet/greet". Notate in your pick-up 'notes'.

Q: Is there an additional cost for Meet & Greet service?
A: Yes. $15 more for this service, plus the client pays the parking fee at the airport.

Q: I don't see my driver?
A: On occasions you may have difficulty in locating the driver. Please use your smart phone, click on the Provider in your pick up to see exactly where the chauffeur is via GPS. Please send your driver a message as s/he is also looking for you.

Q: How can I know if a provider is licensed?
A: Click on the Provider for your pick-up to go on the provider page and review the provider licensing documentation.

Q: Are your prices per car or per person?
A: the quoted prices are per pick-up based on the criteria you set in the pick-up request.

Q: Will you meet us at any time of day?
A: Yes.

Q: What happens if my plane is late?
A: Your provider will check the flight status on the day and the provider will arrive at the airport as the flight lands. If you can, please use the LimoInterconnect platform to send your driver a note. Always good to include your flight number in your pick-up notes.

Q: How much luggage can I carry?
A: If more than 2 or 3 standard travel luggage, please make a note of it in your pick-up request.

Q: Where do I meet my Chauffeur for airport pick-ups?
A: Outside Baggage claim area for your airline.

Q: What is your Cancellation Policy?
A: Use LimoInterconnect platform. 5-hour cancellation notice courtesy requested for standard pick-ups.

Q: What is your Change Policy?
A: Please use LimoInterconnect platform to edit your pick-up. $20 handling fee for last minute destination changes.

Q: Do you accept cash calls?
A: Yes. (Credit cards via paypal preferred)

Q: Can I book a vehicle for someone else and pay for it?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you accept checks?
A: Only as pre-payment 30-days in advance

Q: How can I get a receipt for my trip?
A: Your provider can easily forward that to you.

Q: Smoking allowed in the vehicles?
A: No.

Q: I may have forgotten something in your limo
A: We are not responsible for items left in the vehicle. Please be sure to inspect your belongings, the back of the vehicle and the trunk, before leaving.

Flight and Train Status

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